Do we have parking?

Yes, we have a 20 acre lighted parking lot with police surveillance.


Can I wear a costume to your event?

Please no scary costumes because we would not want you to be confused as one of our monsters. You will not be allowed to enter with any

sort of mask covering your face.


Will the actors touch me?

The actors will not touch you and we ask you do not touch them.


Can I get a refund if Im too scared?

No refunds will be issued once you have boarded our kreepers bus, once your ticket is purchased, it is yours. Consideration will be taken for

special circumstances at the owners discretion.


Are there any food or drinks on premises?

Yes we a full concession stand at the front and the back.


Are kids full price?

Yes, we do allow 5 and under in free, everyone over 5 is full price.


What time do you close?

We stay open until the crowd stops which varies on different nights.


What if it rains?

Most of our attractions are outdoors and may close temporarily but will reopen quickly.


Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes - Visa, Mastercard, Discover and cash - sorry no American Express.


How long will it take me to go through all the attractions?

Depends on the night and the crowd, we generally say at least an hour to an hour and a half.


Are all attractions included in the one admission price?

Yes, for your $20 dollars you will experience all of our attractions.


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